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Pinnaxis team of consultants have more than 100+ years of cumulative experience in the field of Pharmacovigilance. With an average of more than 8+ years of experienced consultants, we have worked on all the various aspects of Pharmacovigilance including but not limited to Regulatory Needs, Safety System Understanding, PV Business Process, Data Managements, Monitoring and Signaling. Our consultants ensure round the clock availability to cater to all the client’s needs in a timely manner. Our Subject Matter Experts never leave any client unanswered and make sure that all client problems are solved to help them make informed decisions. All our consultants have a great track record of delivering quality rich services to our clients, thereby converting all our short-term projects to long-term partnerships.

Hosting & Managed Services

Hosting & Managed Services or H&MS is an integral part at Pinnaxis, where we have been working with various Pharma Companies and Healthcare organizations to manage and streamline administrative tasks. We offer a wide variety of Cloud based hosting services thereby ensuring reliability and continuous availability with utmost importance to Privacy and Security. We have hands-on experience of various H&MS software, and the team is already equipped with handling all the critical issues and challenges that our clients face in their day-to-day Safety System Handling and Management. All our Hosting and Managed Services contracts are monitored with utmost care thereby ensuring full compliance with GDPR, HIPAA and HITECH.

Data Migration and Custom Solution

Pinnaxis has a proficient team of Data Migration experts who have decades long experience in migrating data between various safety systems. Our experts have been involved in all the types of migration ranging from paper based, excel based, E2B based, Data Dump based, Safety System based to all the latest object based Safety System migrations. Cumulatively we have been involved in migration of 100+ safety systems with a total of migrating more than 100 million Case Records and Documents. Our team of technical experts also ensures that our clients are not bound by existing solutions to cater to their problems. We have been enabling our clients for innovation by providing out of the league custom solutions catering to their exclusive needs. These custom solutions have enabled them to be market leader not just by their sales and numbers but also by enabling their PV team to be more proficient and productive.

Veeva Services

Pinnaxis provides consulting services for the various Veeva offerings including Veeva Safety, Content Management, Customer Relationship Management (CRM), and Clinical Data Management. We enable our clients to understand and implement these offerings in close collaboration with Veeva. We also help in setting up their Business Process to cater the functionality of new system and everchanging regulatory needs there by ensuring compliance. Pinnaxis also provides migration offerings to Veeva Products which involves extracting data from the existing system (source), transforming it to fit the format and structure required by Veeva, and loading it into the new system (target). This process can be complex and time-consuming, requiring careful planning and execution to ensure that the data is accurate and complete in the new system.